Emily S. Finn, PI
Emily is an assistant professor in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences at Dartmouth College. She completed her Ph.D. in neuroscience at Yale, and her postdoctoral training at the National Institute of Mental Health. Before that, she received a B.A. in linguistics, also from Yale. Emily’s work is focused on individual variability in brain activity and behavior, especially as it relates to appraisal of ambiguous information under naturalistic conditions. When not science-ing, she can often be found doing something outdoors, playing guitar (poorly), or summoning the motivation to exercise.
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Clare Grall, postdoc
Clare is a postdoctoral fellow in the FINN Lab. She completed her Ph.D. and M.A. in communication at Michigan State University after receiving a B.A. in psychology and mass communication from Miami University. Clare leverages her expertise in media psychology and human communication to bring a message-centric approach to studying brain function and behavior as it occurs in response to the media we see in our everyday life. She loves to bring her background in media production and design into communicating research, and after 22 years of drawing notes in class she considers herself a professional doodler.
Clara Sava-Segal, PhD student
Clara is a Cognitive Neuroscience graduate student in the FINN Lab. Before Dartmouth, she got her Bachelor’s degree from UChicago in 2018 and then worked as a research assistant at Stanford’s Laboratory for Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience. Broadly, Clara is interested in how we integrate information with our existent knowledge, and how neural patterns are formed, modified and updated with experiences. Specifically, she is interested in how certain experiences and traits drive differences in behavior and neural activity across individuals and is excited to use naturalistic stimuli to investigate these questions. Outside the lab, Clara can be found painting, reading, hiking, or doing science education outreach.
Josie Equita, lab manager
Josie is a full-time research assistant and lab manager in the FINN Lab. Josie received her B.A. in Psychology and B.A. in Economics from UCLA. She is interested in studying cross-cultural differences in empathic understanding using neuroimaging methods. Outside of lab, she can usually be found sipping various types of tea lattes, thrift shopping, or scouring the town for warm pastries.